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Quartz Alliance offers its services in the quartz blowing, repair and cleaning of quartz parts, machining of all types of Quartz parts, quartz tube sales, surface treatment, and guarantees the quality control of Products.

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Quartz blowing, machining and surface treatment

Quartz Alliance  Our quartz glass blowers design and manufacture exceptional glassware in quartz which can be bespoke in small, medium and large quantities or from our stock . Our experts can repair all your quartz glassware without exception.
Quartz Alliance  Our large range of machines allow us to manufacture any precision work such as refurbishing, milling, piercing, threading etc. Quartz Alliance also polishes high quality optical pieces.
Quartz Alliance  QUARTZ ALLIANCE a également dévoloppé un procédé de traitement des surfaces qui empêche la déposition de particules, améliorant ainsi l’efficacité des composants en Quartz.

Repair and cleaning

Quartz Alliance  We repair all types of Quartz parts to increase their service life and efficiency.
QUARTZ ALLIANCE also performs chemical cleaning and decontamination of your Quartz parts. Made in a clean environment, these operations greatly improve the life of your products without any risk of contamination.

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Quartz Alliance  QUARTZ ALLIANCE accompanies you from the conception to the final realization of your product. Our team of experts will analyze your request to provide you with the best solutions and results to achieve your objectives. Our teams cover a wide range of skills, from the engineering phase, to prototyping to the finished product.

Electrothermics and manufacture of cement kilns

Quartz Alliance  QUARTZ ALLIANCE has a wide range of products such as heat pumps, infrared tubes or immersion heaters. In addition, we can also manufacture custom-made high temperature cement kilns (on-site) and furnace resistors.
For more information about our range of products or to request a personalized quote, see our online catalog → Electrothermie.

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Clean room quality control

Quartz Alliance  Each of our parts is checked and packaged in an ISO 5 clean room. In addition to guaranteeing you a control and packaging stage under optimum conditions, QUARTZ ALLIANCE also ensures you the most precise control thanks to equipment and processes of high Technologies: digital measurement columns, vacuum test by helium, measurement of optical polariscope stresses, etc …