We are also able to manufacture VTR and Epitaxy Kilns, diffusion tubes, components of all sizes as well as high precision made-to-measure products.
Repair, cleaning, disinfection of contaminated parts.
We of fer chemical cleaning and packaging of quartz components in a clean room – ISO5.

We manufacture specific parts such as crucibles, beakers, flasks, in quartz.

Quartz Alliance manufactures all types of quartz envelope and electrical resistors to heat a product , body or liquid, such as epiradiators, immersion heaters, infrared tubes, resistors and kilns.

We can offer you a large range of tubes, rods, plates and quartz wool with semi-conductor qualities, synthetic or industrial along with high performance products in alumina and graphite.


Quartz Alliance works in accordance to customer’s demands and needs. We follow the customer from the design stage, through the feasibility study, prototype and manufacturing

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Our quartz glass blowers design and manufacture exceptional glassware in quartz which can be
bespoke in small, medium and large quantities.
Our experts can repair all your quartz glassware, without exception


Our large range of machines allow us to manufacture any component in quartz, ceramic or technical glass, or complex geometric pieces all according to your needs. We carry out precision work such as refurbishing, milling, piercing, threading etc. Quartz Alliance also polishes high quality optical pieces.

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The conditioning of your products is carried out in the clean room, ISO 5, and guarantees an unbelievable finish.