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534 RA 2 (FIGURE A) | REF 14110220
(Dim D 85, H 50, L 260 mm / POWER 300 watt / Voltage 230 volt)

534 RC 2 (FIGURE A) | REF 14112220
(Dim D 122, H 60, L 290 mm / POWER 500 watt / Voltage 230 volt)

534 RC 2S (FIGURE A) | REF 14112420
(Dim D 120, H 70, L 290 mm / POWER 500 watt / Voltage 125 volt)

534 RC 2S calibrated (FIGURE A) | REF 14112421
(Dim D 120, H 70, L 290 mm / POWER 500 watt / Voltage 230 volt)

534 RB 2 (FIGURE B) | REF 14111220
(Dim D 85, H 130, L — mm / POWER 300 watt / Voltage 230 volt)

534 RD 2 (FIGURE B) | REF 14113220
(Dim D 122, H 190, L — mm / POWER 500 watt / Voltage 230 volt)


The epiradiator is an evaporator which is essentially a resistor placed inside a waterproof opaque silica case.
The resistor, which is in a spiral on a refractory, is attached to the planar face inside the case; the support itself being insulated on the rear part. The unit is completed with a silica sleeve, soldered to the case in tubular form. The power cable is protected making installation easy by simply fixing the unit with a clip to a universal support; the position of the sleeve is either horizontal or vertical to the heating side of the case.
The epiradiator is currently used in analysis laboratories to evaporate solutions dry.
The infrared energy, with a maximum wavelength of 2.5 microns, is integrally absorbed by the surface layer of the liquid, the latter evaporates rapidly while the rest of the solution and container remain practically cold. The absence of a boiling point eliminates all risk of splashing, which may distort the analysis.
A differential of 30 milliamps must be used in case of short circuiting.
The RcS epiradiator is used by the French Interior Ministry as a heat source to test the reaction of fire on decoration, partitioning and surface coatings.
This model conforms with ministerial decrees 9-2-57 and 10-7-65.